Saturday, 22 September 2007

Facebook? Blah!

Some of my friends and acquaintances have sent me Facebook invitations.
So far I have not signed up, and can not see any reason why I should.
When I went to the Facebook site, I could not step through the door even to take a look, unless I signed up. Yet at the same time there was no information there as to what Facebook is, nor why I would wish to join up.
A social networking site?
What is that?
I've looked at Myspace, and found it thoroughly dire, I understand facebook to be myspace for grown-ups. Do enlighten me, dear people. Do, please try to explain to me a few reasons why I might want to sign in. Bearing in mind that I have no idea what blogging is about, and have recently been neglectful of my implied commitment to blog every now and then.
Facebook? Blah!


  1. Oh yes, please do open a Facebook account ....

    we use it to keep track of the naysayers of The Sisterhood ... not to mention plant our secret agents with specific instructions to make contact with potential threats as well as recruit new members.

    Please, please do enter our esteemed facebook ... we appreciate all the effort you will make to help us catalogue the face of our enemy..

  2. It is fun for about five minutes - I quite like chucking sheep at people.
    I also ended up with an account by mistake but having said that I have picked up a number of useful links.

  3. I couldn't imagine hearing from some of the people I went to school with.
    The ones I wanted to remain in contact with, I did. The rest of them...I think I'd rather gnaw off my own arm, fry it in olive oil and eat it for dinner than hear from some of those people.
    The fact that you're supposed to put your real name in there is something I'm leery of as well. I'm thinking it's some sort of government site intent on getting more of our personal information. Facebook wants to know who you're with, where you work, what school you went to - I know you don't have o put that info down, but still...

  4. Mildred?
    Mildred X?

    Beware the spiders, Mildred, beware them. Arf Arf Arf.

    Minx- Sheep chucking? Is this like unto cow toppling, or pig lobbing?
    links is good.
    Well, for chains....

    Trollop.. Quite right... Friends reunited, urgh.
    I have a mild curiousity over a few school acquaintances, but no more than that.
    As for the information?
    Don't worry, Google has all that info and more..... and google seems to be well embedded in Washington D.C, what they do with it?
    better not to even speculate.

    Julia. Why? You are a convert, please explain the benefits to those of us not yet assimilated.


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