Tuesday, 24 July 2007

Run, Giraffe, Run

Red Dirt Girl posted a beautiful picture of a gazelle, titled Run, Gazelle, Run!
Here's my reply.


  1. here i go again ...... on the floor laughing my socks off ..... or my flip flops ......

    for some reason i don't think the giraffe has anything to worry about ..... unless that lion knows how to use those chopsticks he's walking around on .....

  2. The lion, Lenny, is actually born Len Hung-Fan.
    He has used chopsticks since his cubhood, and as the family lived in the edges of Kowloon Harbour,
    they used stilts to get around.
    Len Graduated from University with a masters degree in the culinary preparation of exotic dishes,and is currently in the Serengeti, Kenya, perfecting his signature dish, Giraffe Au Naturel.

  3. You neglected to mention, although I am sure you knew, that the art of chopstick walking (perambulatus chopstickimus) was first discovered in Outer Monpigmia by Loo-Ni Lione. The grass in Monpigmia grows to over twenty feet high and the Lione tribe had to look to new means to stalk their prey when they could no longer find springs strong enough for their pogo sticks.


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