Monday, 23 July 2007

Richard Thompson...

I'm going to see Richard Thompson, and a load of other great musicmakers at Cropredy Festival....
I hope.
As at the moment, the camping fields are underwater.
Floods are devastating the Thames and Severn river valleys, and Cropredy is suffering too, as the river Cherwell passes its banks.
The route there is via Banbury... And Banbury is flooded.

StopPress! Festival organisers assure us it will go ahead.
Memo:-Buy new waterproofs....


  1. Whooo-hooo! or Yeee-hawwww!
    Seen him only once Souby;
    'He could make the lame to walk
    Make the blind to see
    He could make wine outta dirty Thames River water
    He made a beleiver outta me!"

    With all apologies to Mr. T of course!

  2. Alright, this it the third time I've heard of Richard Thompson. First time was from Steve. I'm now intrigued enough to actually look for a YouTube video of him. Oh... wait... There's a video right here I can watch!

    Well, I'm not sure what to think just from this clip. His singing is what it is but he has an interesting guitar sound. Sounds like some kind of Mahavishnu chords, detuned a half-step, with a Dolly-Parton-quiver type of vibrato. If that makes it sound like I don't like his playing, then my poor writing skills have failed me once again. What I mean is that his playing is interesting. I'd buy a ticket even if I had to set my lawn chair in the mud.

    Nice blog, bye the way. I've looked in once or twice before but I haven't commented on anything because I'm very rude, or at least very taciturn. My apologies!

  3. Davy, i'm tellin you, this guy is the best...and don't overlook Danny over there on the Upright Bass w/o any varnish left on it...

    Scooby- what CD would you recommend for young Davy here?
    I'm a big fan of Mock tudor and Rumor and Sigh and well, i have to give an honorable mention to Mirror Blue, I love MGB/GT...

  4. Thanks for the intro, it is rare lately (20 years) that I pick up on something new to me in music that gets my full attention — the radio ruins music for me, so I play my faves. This guy hit the spot.

    I like your blog, your mix paints a picture of you I enjoy.

  5. I was trying to reply when i accidentally drowned my keyboard... and desk drawer in hot tea...
    computer crashed, offline until new keyboard .
    Steve, sorry it took so long for a response..
    I agree... Mock Tudor, Rumour and Sigh, And maybe Richard and Linda Thompson, Pour Down Like Silver.

    Dave, I heard a quote... Someone backstage at a gig, guitarist... "Richard was on stage alone... I could see him, but I was looking for the other two guitarists who surely must be there to account for that music...."
    He is phenomenal to watch, he sings quite calmly, and his fingers blur.
    Buy the ticket, you won't regret it.
    Richard's U.S. 2007 tour dates here:
    Gregra&Gar, a new visitor!, pleased to meet you, sir, I have been reading your recent comments at Red Dirt Girl's blog, and will have to set time aside for a proper visit to your blog, (which I sneaked a lok at, briefly, a couple of days ago) Need to have my brain in, there, I think.

    Richard Thompson quote on music, new and old:(About genius):
    "I think there's Mozart and everybody else below that is just pretty good. People like Sandy Denny and Nick Drake were brilliant but you didn't regard them as that impressive at the time. In the '60s it seemed normal; now it seems exceptional. It was a meeting of musical styles and a time of technical innovation and it hasn't been the same since. Audiences may have been incapably stoned but they were accepting. There are probably great things now too but I'm too old and jaded to plough through lots of rap just to find the three good things".


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