Friday, 13 July 2007

Of Beauty, in Unexpected Places

These, as most of my photos, are taken with my phone, a Sony Ericsson K800i. (3.2 megapixel).
As the phone has no optical zoom, I tend to crop and tweak them a bit, using Google's free photomanagement suite, Picasa.
I recommend Picasa wholeheartedly. It's easy to use, and outperforms some other systems, it has Email tools and web albums built-in. And no, they don't pay me anything for this commendation.
The drawback to the phone is SonyEricsson's diabolical software interface, which took forever to install on my computer, and often crashes it. It has conflicts with other device drivers, and frequently crashes Windows XP Pro.
My previous Sony phone, a K750i had none of these problems... connect to the computer and the phone drives are mapped as external storage devices.
This one....
Well, sometimes it works okay.....
And when it's in 'Data Transfer Mode'... the phone part is disabled. How very annoying....


  1. i like that you see what others might walk by and miss (or climb up to and miss ?)

    iridescence seems to be a popular theme right now .....

    these are magical.

  2. Lovely. Unfortunately while my phone makes pictures, even videos, pulling them off is only possible if you pay a fairly high additional monthly fee. I do love Picassa though and use it to manage my photos.

  3. RDG, these sort of jumped out at me.
    I tried to do some more, deliberately and it just did not work.serendipity is the way to go.

    Spellbound, I'd assume your phone stores its images on a memory card. Have you tried putting the card into a card reader outside of the phone?

    My phone as sold by Sony has photo-to-blog upload capability. My service provider, Orange, cripples that function, and makes you use Orange's web facilities, at a cost they set. I refuse to play their game; I just connect the phone to the computer, and strip the images off the card, thus they never travel over Orange's airwaves.


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