Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Hymn 11 Pierre Bensusan


  1. Mike from Worcester27 August 2007 at 17:46

    This is beautiful music - I have not heard of Pierre Bensusan before.
    Do you know where I can download something by him. So that I may try before I buy.
    Do you live at the spot on the Google map - if so - you are lucky. It looks as good as the music sounds.
    Nice blog.

  2. It is indeed very beautiful,I have a couple of albums by him:- you can sample other tracks at

    I first heard him at
    -a streaming internet radio station broadcasting from the Ross Shelf in Antarctica. If you like Pierre Bensusan, I think you might like other artists played there by George Maat.

    Hmmm. I think I'd better make a blogpost about that......Thank you for the kind words. I sometimes wonder why I do it, where it's going, what it all means... Just, I think, a sort of open scrapbook which anybody is free to read. Somewhere I share my inconsequential thoughts, and things I like. So its always a boost to get a compliment.

    I don't live at the spot on the map, but it's a place I love and visit often.
    I live about 30 miles away.... sadly.


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