Tuesday, 26 June 2007

Rainy Days and Mondays


  1. Beautiful photos. Did you take those?

  2. I stole the lighthouse picture....

    The others were the farmers field next to my favourite pub.
    As I drove past, I noticed how beautiful the reflections were in the floodwater; -by the time I walked back, the wading cow and calf had retreated to dry land, and the ducks were navigating the shadows.
    Tonight patches of grass are reappearing in the lake: the ducks are disgusted.

  3. It only rained on Monday? Lucky Mr Soub - Cornwall is soggy.

  4. i do believe there can be such a thing as too much rain .... we all need the light of a few sun rays to hit our face every now and then.

  5. Oh Minx, If only....
    No, as you may have seen, Up north in Yorkshire the drenching was relentless, for day upon day.
    Rivers abandoned their courses, and visited shopping malls, houses were filled with stinking mud and sewage, cars floated down the streets.
    And people died.
    Yellow sea-king helicopters hovered over sheffield, lifting people off roofs and out of trees, firecrews and engineers fought to lower levels of water in a dam that was showing cracks, whilst three villages and a power-station were evacuated downstream. The M1 motorway, close by, was closed too.
    I phoned my aunt today, she lives on a farm in the fenlands of east yorkshire, the farm was an island in a sea, cattle were brought in, but some sheep drowned. crops are likely to be lost or severely damaged.
    My cousin is despondent, his works ruined. Water is receding now, mud everywhere, hay barn stinking...
    Meanwhile, at work, I've cleared most of the flooded basements. One had eight feet of water in it on friday, I left a pump running, so I expect it lower on monday...
    In one of the others, the water came to within inches of the 11,000 volt switchgear.
    So, not so lucky Soub, no waders either... Had to go out to the charity shop to buy dry clothes. Brrrrr, that water was cold.

    Red Dirt Girl!
    You are so right. And elusive, being missing from our screens for some time now, welcome back to the blogosphere.


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