Tuesday, 29 May 2007

The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels

There is a 'Sisterhood of the Pointy Heels'
Did you ever wonder, looking at a small child, toppling its way around the room in mummy's shoes, how they go from that to click-clacking down the high-street, in shoes that seem designed to negate any chance of walking?
Grit in the Gears followed up the rumours of a Sisterhood, and infiltrated our photographer into a secret passing-out ceremony, in a place I dare not reveal.
We warned him that they might take measures against him.
In this picture he has just been struck down by a flying projectile like a boomerang, but which he heard referred to as a "Blahnik". Moments later, the marching throng wheeled, and stamped his camera into the dust. He spent several weeks in a 'hospital' facility on their island, but we managed to negociate his freedom, in return for his body-weight in chocolate.
Actually, we negociated that in the first week.
The other three they spent feeding him stodgy meals.
Only when we stipulated that his weight was measured at a medical examination a week before he was captured did they stop force-feeding him.
Unbeknown to the sisterhood, prior to his capture, he mounted a backup satellite-linked time-lapse camera in a nearby tree.
This image got through the jamming.
Close scrutiny reveals a surprisingly large variation in standard issue shoes.
Grit in the Gears seeks any further information, about the Sisterhood, and its cunning plan.


  1. Standard issue shoes!!! HAHAHAHAHA-get real! No one can take away our freedom to wear the stilettos that only we desire. Just let the ARMY try and change that...you'll see blahniks and choo's flying all over creation.

    Good Move with the chocolate- that, my dear, will get you everywhere.

  2. they are the fashion army ofcourse!

    but, you had me laughing so hard.

  3. The Sisterhood of the Pointy Heel30 May 2007 at 12:51

    Manolo knows we got your number, Soubriquet.

  4. ahhhh yet again a mole has infiltrated the inner workings of the sisterhood of pointy heels, forcing us to shut down our propaganda machine..........meanwhile, we shall still fight the good fight for pointy heels, fishnet stockings, cleavage enhancing brassieres and global reconstruction. Next time you raise a pint, raise one for pointy stilettos.

  5. Some of the ladies are in clear breach of dress code, wearing block heels. It isn't just the heels that need to be pointy, either - it's the toes - they should all be long and pointed. In fact there's no such thing as too pointed!


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