Friday, 16 March 2007

Sloth -Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention - Sloth


Just a roll, just a roll

Just a roll on your drum

Just a roll, just a roll

And the war has begun

Now the right thing's the wrong thing

No more excuses to come

Just one step at a time

And the war has begun


She's run away, she's run away

And she ran so bitterly

Now call to your colours, friend

Don't you call to me


Don't you cry, don't you cry

Don't you cry upon the sea

Don't you cry, don't you cry

For your lady and me



From the 1970 album, Full House.
I'll be at Fairport's Cropredy Festival in Oxfordshire, in August....


  1. Deep Breath Here -

    Because of the astute musical knowledge of my friends, Soubry and Steve of Bullet Holes fame, I have been delightfully exposed to numerous artists, unknown to me before my education.

    One of these fine musicians, Richard Thompson, I had the pleasure of enjoying live in concert a few weeks ago. The venue was a lovely, 100 year old theatre, intimate and acoustically appealing.

    Richard is one of the founding members of the Fairport Convention and made mention of this upcoming concert in Oxfordshire, "which shall be held in a somewhat damp field..." So, he then proceeded to present an OPEN invitation to the entire audience to attend this festival. One man shouted out: "Does this mean you are buying all our airline tickets??" Richard quickly retorted, "Well I'm a generous man, but not THAT generous....however, IF you show up, you shall be welcomed..." Maybe not so funny now, but it drew a number of laughs from the audience!!

    Soubry - I'm certain that this will be an event of a life time and hope you enjoy every moment of it!


  2. Brings to mind the song he does about the deserter being sent to the gallows and then pardoned by the King and sent back to the Army...something like that..can't recall the name...
    How bout' "the Oyster Band" souby? I have two of their Albums and would love to see them... I just looked at their schedule...a new album too... interesting band are they not?
    OOOPS, I'm Steve, Water Babies Dad!


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