Wednesday, 21 March 2007

Lightening up again?


  1. I think "The Spin Out" would might be a better title for your post. My opinion only...

    Glad to see the old goat put to good use in the end....would have hated to see the poor dear banished.

  2. Yes, an American idiom. That was the reference, as in frowning less and engaging in frivolity.
    The spinning out... well, the goat made a fair rotary mower.. but a better knot at the end of the rope might have been wise.

  3. I take exception to this complete and utter fabrication. I misidentified your avatarian image as being goats, not asses, which are, as we know, not mules but donkeys, the fathers thereof.
    And I DO know the difference between a mule and a donkey.
    As I am English, the ONLY synonyms I have for 'ass', are 'donkey' and 'stupid person'.
    I think your image confuses 'ass' with 'arse'. This linguistic consanguinity exists in American, but not in English.
    Therefore, your accusation might be better worded as 'mistaking them, as only AMERICAN men will do, as a field of asses.
    I therefore demand a withdrawal of the unfounded accusation, and an apology.


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