Tuesday, 6 March 2007

"Here, Mate! are you shearing that sheep?" "Nah!, Get Yer own!"

Oh, By the way Blogger, This is via Googlevideo, your sibling.... Whence also came the embed code...


  1. soccer moms of the world UNITE!!

    my three soccer (football) playing / loving kids watched this one TWICE !!!!! We were all on the floor laughing.....the goal post.....goalie mitts.......especially the yellow card!!! Hilarious.......we've got tears streaming down our faces.......(even the 14 year old!)

  2. is this the same guy that did the "wallace and Grommet" series?
    genius, and good fun!

  3. The Studio is Aardman Animations, maker of Wallace and Gromit.
    Shaun had his acting break in a full-length feature starring Wallace and Gromit, called "A Close Shave".
    His charisma led to further appearances, and now this, a resident series on CBBC (BBC's Childrens programming).
    I personally think Aardman's output so far is just as much fun for adults. The teature films are packed with visual and verbal references to classic movies, and the attention to detail is unsurpassed.
    The less successful ventures have been, I think, those made with the U.S. market in mind, Chcken Run, with a character voiced by Mel Gibson was only slightly lacking, a spoof of "The Great Escape", but "Flushed" or "Flushed Away" seemed to lack the depth and layering at which Aardman excel.And I suspect that was due to the 'Dreamworks' involvement.
    Series one of Shaun the Sheep is due on dvd on the 27th march 2007, 46 episodes! Available from the BBC, or via Amazon, I understand
    First release will be a region 2 (Europe) dvd.


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