Saturday, 10 February 2007

Pointless Things

I was musing about pointless things.
Like this: -the remote control for my car radio.
Why... What is the point? I sit within arm's reach of the radio, as does any front-seat passenger.
Who in their right mind would gift control to anyone in the back?
I wondered maybe stretch limo?
No.. They would sell a hundred thousand ordinary car radios for every stretch limo.

What's the point?

Leave a comment, enlighten me.

And tell me of pointless things you own.


  1. My life is full of pointless things, all of which I will need desperately someday, I just know it.

    But as for the remote for your car radio, I'm pretty sure its for distracting the bears.

  2. people like to be fingerpokin und btton mashin on der machinerin these days... itas like, its like a rattle in a childs crib.
    I have a box of rocks...Some sharp, some pointless, some are stardust, and I have had them for 40 years... I'll not give them up... other than that I have a bed and a toothbrush. I sleepon the floor.

  3. Just D..
    The last bears native to england were hunted down a thousand years ago.
    Obviously Sony doesn't know that.

    A box of rocks? Me too. Surely every man needs a box of rocks?

    I like fingerpokinbuttonmashin... but when i'm driving its easier to punch the radio... which has so many features it can probably make toast too. But turning the volume up or down.... not easy.

  4. mmmmm pointless items..........well, i'm such a pack rat......for instance - those huge brass decorative studs used on heavy old spanish doors???.......yep, have 5 of those.....i just like their shape....rock collections? yep, me too....along with seashells, antique drafting equipment that I like to hold, feel their weight in my hand - but would never use - oh no......

    as for the remote.....if you could re-program that to include a mute button for children fighting in the seat behind you while you are driving.........then I'll pay you good money for it!!


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