Thursday, 1 February 2007

Is it Thursday?

Is it thursday? I didn't know, lost track. I would have said wednesday. Went to see the doc this morning... She asked a few questions, listened to my chest, looked down my throat, felt various bits, laughed, and described the symptoms of the last few days. I raised one eyebrow, like james bond does... She missed that and asked why my face was twitching. I said I was trying not to sneeze, Go ahead, handing me a superstrong aerospace kevlar-weave tissue. So I did. A really good one, y'know, where it feels as though half a pound of brain went too. She stretched out a hand for the tissue. I clutched it, looking for a bin.. But she spun out of her seat, kicked me lightly, left right, on the temples, and whilst i was stunned, grabbed the tissue... AND PEELED IT OPEN! ARGH!!!!
Green snot and clotted blood. She hit a button on her desk.... "Code 9!" she yelled. Two nurses rushed in and pinned me. Like hounds, but with scented starchy bosoms in my face. We men can endure hours of that. A needle in my arm, and I was floating. A bottle of blood taken, pressures, patch the needle hole.... Fluids, she yelled and they had me on a tea drip in no time. So, here i am, antibioticked to the gunwales, and feeling better. much.
I might have exaggerated a little there, but i was confused.


  1. Hallucinating starchy bosoms. Not a good sign.

  2. this seems so hauntingly familiar.......just can't put my finger on the reference.....reminds of some author i've read lately........gee, what a week you must have had!


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