Sunday, 18 February 2007

For Steve, To give to Lily

Steve, of Bullet Holes in the Mailbox has been, he says, chasing Lily, for the last six years. On St. Valentine's day he strewed her porch with candy love-hearts.

He's blogged her a poem, from 'The Last Unicorn', by Peter Beagle. I looked around my house, I thought... I have a Unicorn, somewhere, I'm sure. And if I could give that unicorn to Steve, for him to give to Lily, that might be a good deed.
It comes with a child who has inherited Queen Nefertiti's head, but she's no trouble at all, eats very little and is very quiet, and is of course a trained member of the unicorn-wrangler's guild.


  1. the candyman has a unicorn and munchkin to go with all that love......i don't know whether to laugh or cry.......ok, sorry - i'm LOL!!!!!!!

  2. Laugh at Nefertiti's child? How dare you.... Go stand in the corner, -Bad girl. Anyway.... That portrait... Are you SURE you haven't got a somewhat Modigliani head yourself?

  3. Hey, are you dissing my Modigliani??? first Steve calls me "horse-faced" and now you...

    mmmmm I still maintain she looks "foxy" to me!!! and ready to face the world straight in the eye.............

    by the way, can I bring food and water to my corner???

  4. AAs unicorn's are Magikal beasts and it takes a magikal person to see one, I may give this to my daughter, where the magik and good deed will not go wasted!


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