Monday, 5 February 2007

Beeswing, Richard Thompson

BEES WING by Richard Thompson

I was nineteen when I came to town
They called it the Summer of Love
They were burning babies, burning flags
The Hawks against the Doves

I took a job in the Steamie
Down on Cauldrum Street
I fell in love with a laundry girl
Was working next to me


She was a rare thing
Fine as a bees wing
So fine a breath of wind might blow her away
She was a lost child
She was running wild, she said
As long as there's no price on love, I'll stay
And you wouldn't want me any other way

Brown hair zig-zag round her face
And a look of half-surprise
Like a fox caught in the headlights
There was an animal in her eyes

She said, young man, O can't you see
I'm not the factory kind
If you don't take me out of here
I'll surely lose my mind


We busked around the market towns
And picked fruit down in Kent
And we could tinker lamps and pots
And knives wherever we went

And I said that we might settle down
Get a few acres dug
Fire burning in the hearth
And babies on the rug

She said O man, you foolish man
It surely sounds like hell
You might be lord of half the world
You'll not own me as well


We was camping down the Gower one time
The work was pretty good
She thought we shouldn't wait for frost
And I thought maybe we should

We were drinking more in those days
And tempers reached a pitch
Like a fool I let her run
With the rambling itch

Last I hear she's sleeping out
Back on Derby beat
White Horse in her hip pocket
And a wolfhound at her feet

And they say she even married once
A man named Romany Brown
But even a Gypsy caravan
Was too much settling down

And they say her flower is faded now
Hard weather and hard booze
But maybe that's just the price you pay
For the chains you refuse

She was a rare thing
Fine as a bees wing
And I miss her more than ever words could say
If I could just taste
All of her wildness now
If I could hold her in my arms today
Then I wouldn't want her any other way

RedDirtGirl posted the Lyrics, Steve requested the sounds.


  1. Well Souby, that was fast!!! I thought that i had a wide and varied taste in Music, but you, my friend do take the Cake! i am going to direct my friends over to listen to Mr. Thompson and the magic of Beeswing... I remember the first time the Ex and I heard this song... we just both looked at each other like 'fox caught in headlights"... so good of you to give us a live version too.

  2. wow......i've got shivers is even more hauntingly beautiful 'in music'......and the flute........i could listen to this all day......

  3. Steve, sometimes my procrastination engine fails and I surprise myself!
    There's no pain involved in pasting either this or the Led Zepp, as I'm sure you guess. Tell your son, that a bloke in England says he has good taste in his choice of music to play.
    RDG, Are you saying you'd never heard this when you posted the lyrics?
    There's so much more in Richard Thompson's portfolio, I sense a posting of "1952 Vincent Black Lightning" coming up......

  4. i am woefully ignorant of all this fine music you and steve keep tossing i dug through iTunes and found this one and 52 Lightening along with some others like Desiree - because I really like that one - makes me dance and get my groove on.......and I downloaded them into my iPod and now listen and enjoy - a lot!

    so see, these blogs can be a learning experience - especially for a red dirt girl like me......guess i just don't know music.......sorry.....but I know shoes!! hahhaha

  5. Boondoggled sent me here to listen.....awesome song! Thanks for sharing that.

  6. Allow me tointroduce you to Buddy that went to high School with me. He spends a good bit of time in your backyard these days, though he lives around the corner from me still!

  7. Soubriquet - Thanks for acquainting me with Richard Thompson. And,it was great hearing the Allman Bros again! I've recently discovered Ray LaMontagne, Grace Griffith and The Wiyos.

    I like your musical tastes. I sent you an invite to iLike, so we can see what each other is playing in iTunes. Hope you accept.

  8. Greetings and thank you very much for the comments. I'm glad you liked the version I posted, I really enjoyed it as well.

    I also really enjoyed the song you've linked here. Another great example of his ability to weave interesting stories into excellent music.

    I hope you don't mind terribly if I nose around your Blog for a bit? I like what I've seen so far.

    Thanks again!


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