Wednesday, 3 January 2007

Mental Floss

There is no work in progress. Soubriquet's brain has absconded, and he has decided to sleep until it returns. Perhaps tomorrow. The last few days have been hard for the small number of brain cells doing all the work.They need sleep.


  1. ahhh......don't we all need a bit of flossing this time of year??? after gorging on hyped-up Christmas cheer? (did I rhyme? shame on me.......must be that insidious Norton and his anthology of poetic forms I've been everything seems to have meter and rhyming......see!!??? I can't help it - give me some drugs - fast!!) thanks for the link - shall i call you sobriquet or just ersatz? i think we'll be great friends.......looks like you've definitely been busy setting up house.....glad to have been your first visitor and i appreciate your lovely gesture of linking my poetry.......check out - they've finally agreed to establish a poetry page, and yes, i'm shamelessly promoting......look for your link at the bottom of my poetry blog.....happy new year, ersatz.

    red dirt girl
    (tip - toeing in this time wearing a pair of rockin' blue heels.......)

  2. ps Kelly's shoes had me laughing so hard, I fell off my socks have fallen off......i'll be chuckling all day........though i wish the clip had stayed rated at pg13 - i could have posted it on the main page of the blog........but i've children and a husband, you try to keep my thoughts 'clean'........on the blogs!

  3. okay grrl, and thankee for the link, although being as i are brain dead for the new year i'm not so sure I can live up to it.
    One point. You say grits n'gears. defnitley not. Grits is something you people do in the south, I'm not sure what is grits, some sort of staple foodstuff? My grit is of the singular. The sandy stuff, not really recommended for addition to gears.
    Grit. a plural in itself. Grits. The only way I can think of using grits as a plural is 'They sell sandpaper in a range of several grits, from 40 to 1200 grit.'
    I'll link you I promise... iF i CAN. OH how I hate the capslock key. Slock those caps.
    David. That is, when not Soubriquet. The name my mother sometimes calls me. ersatz dot soubriquet at gmail dot com.

    Is this anything to do with you, or are girls in red dirt more commonly found than i would imagine?

  4. hi d or e or s........i'm getting confused here - but then again my brain is quite messed up from all this holiday packing - paper flying - get me out - oh i am - i'm here shirking my duties, writing to you (damn that anthology getting in the way......)

    yes, fine - grits, well it is a southern gal thing - great with some cheese and some shrimp down in the low i'll correct it - freudian slip - as we wouldn't want grits gumming up your sweet gears.......!

    no the link is not in any way related to dirt girl is a song title by emmylou harris about 2 best friends living in Alabama.....but i'm a redhead from Georgia - just a 30 min drive from AL.....growing up in the same red dirt a know how us southern yanks love to keep moving around........reinventing ourselves. So should I reference your site as david's grit n' gears? or .....e's or s' or es' you've done it - gotten me all discombobulated......

    rdg (yes that's meant to be funny)

  5. come back all refreshed, all of you.


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