Saturday, 13 January 2007

Fantasy shoe day

I shall be wearing these on my voyages. They'll protect my feet from spiky things in the ocean, and leave oversized, strangely non-human footprints on your beach. In order to avoid all the Robinson Crusoe jokes, I shall NEVER land on a blogisland on a friday, unless the owner thereof has never heard of Robinson Crusoe.
RDG: Please note. These are not available with 6" pointy heels. But they are allowed on deck and in the rigging.


  1. e.s. you are such an imp.....and now I see I have competition for fantasy make me laugh outloud and so hard!!!!!!

    ok, I'll ditch the heels...(wouldn't want the responsibility of repairing your teak deck) but do they come in any more stylish colors??? (I have been really struggling with what footwear to bring.....was just considering bare feet with gloriously painted toes.......)


  2. The colours are as you see. sadly.
    Wouldn't it be nice to have a sort of paintshop program to make things like this truly yours.
    Maybe an extra toe...


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