Monday, 8 January 2007

6 Weird Things About Me.

Oh dear. These blogging folk have strange rituals, like the passing of the sacred meme. And it's passed to me. I'm the person who breaks the chain in chain letters. Chinese whispers? They stopped at me. I must have been a horrible child, but as I get to write the definitive autobiography, You'll never know.
However. As I have sneaked into the realms of Bloggolalia by false pretences, I fear if I do not embrace the meme, I'll be found out, and banished. Or varnished. Which is shinier, but uncomfortable. So here goes.

Six weird things about me.
1: I like to read dictionaries.
2: This is really difficult, because what you might think of as weird, I might consider normal.
I have a mind packed with useless information, that I can't extract at will. The answer is there, but it's going to pop up at a time when I don't need it.
3: The first time I met the girl who was later to become my ex-wife, she told me her mother had told her not to talk to strange men. I replied "How will you know whether I am strange, if you don't talk to me?
4:I am the untidiest person I know. I create chaos out of order.
5:I can levitate and glide. (only in dreams, so far, but I live in hope of remembering how to do it when I'm awake).
6: I died once. I hovered near the ceiling of a hospital room, whilst simultaneously rolling and tumbling deep down in green water, drifting away from sound and light. And I heard the clicking of the shoes of the nurse who came in each evening, and a voice saying "Don't go in there tonight, Nurse, the boy's dying."
And I started to struggle and fight to return to the surface, to return to pain, to return to life.
I think it makes a difference to how I see life every day.
Which six people do I tag? Well, I'm new to this so I'm not sure who gets it. I'll think. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. So strange -not - after all.......of course I just read this after your beautiful traveler post....makes me want to jump ship and board your could just tie me up near the mast (as looney as I can be)...i just want to feel the wind on my face, hear the rush of the sea....

    thanks for playing the meme game....silly I know, but it allows each of us a small window into each one's miniature worlds...i like to think of it as star travel......filling the voids between us.......


  2. Welcome aboard.
    Life on board will unknot your tensions, sooth your soul. You can be as looney as you wish, swing from the rigging, sing and shout, laugh and cry, there are no rules, axcept, don't endanger the ship.
    I'm sure you will feel mellow enough not to need strong cordage. However, as a precaution, I will fix a couple of ringbolts to the deck, and keep a soft silken rope.
    Email yes. Replying...

  3. What a fascinating experience. Nice post soubriquet.

  4. Oh, yes, champagne's good. rum's good for the flambèed crêpes,
    seltzer, yes, we'll need that..Bring it all, poetry and curios, And scrabble. Oh I like scrabble. i really do, but I can rarely persuade anyone to play. They think it unfair that I have a large shelf-full of obscure words in the back of my brain.
    I bet you have secret scrabble weaponry too.. Would we use both american and english spellings?
    Whilst you're in the rigging, You could paint some colourful designs on the sails.
    Oh, just one thing. No pointy heels aboard, please, they ruin the teak decking.
    I wonder if anyone else will join the crew?

  5. And look... as I was writing, Julia was here, but I did not see her.

    30th birthday party-girl, this weekend. Have a great time, I'd come and bring chocolate and flowers, but I have to be on the North York Moors instead.

    I'll be expecting a blog report.

    No cold tea this morning, the problem might be fixed.


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