Saturday, 30 December 2006

I've got a cold mug of tea.

That's what happens when you start blogging I think.. next I'll be forgetting to wash or eat.
I just had to alter the Pink Floyd thing. Someone bypassed the comments, sent a kneemail to tell me that autoplay music on a site is annoying. And she's right. Because we don't all like the same music, and because you might want to read without distraction.
And even if you put the music there in the first place you, (or in this case me) become the custodian of the site and have to visit regularly to sweep, mop floors and wipe down the walls. (Whichever of you put those sticky fingerprints on the lightswitch, Yeuch!) You soon find that the same track, starting, as you open the door, gets a little old.
I'm in cogitation mode at present on what to do next. I think hot tea, followed by a sot of keyboerd bashing.
I'll play myself some music upon the electric phonograph whilst I ponder.


  1. My boyfriend brings me a cold cup of tea most mornings. This is very annoying. He says it's hot when he brings but that I fall back asleep. I don't believe it for minute.

  2. Often, when I go to bed, I take a cup of hot tea, place it carefully by the bed, and then I wake in the morning, to find it miraculously transmuted. I drink it anyway.
    Otherwise, I'd have to get up and put the kettle on.


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