Monday, 18 May 2009

Bookshop of my Dreams, Oporto.

Found via a site I've forgotten, (Remembered! as umpty-ten visitors are pouring in via Bifurcated Rivets, it would be remiss of me not to reveal my source, but most of the pics came via Flickr sets, found by googling "Lello bookshop Oporto"
The most beautiful bookstore I've ever seen, containing a staircase that I can only describe as 'luscious',- Imagine that. I'd never really think of luscious and staircase in one thought, normally.
The bookstore is Lello and Irmao, in Oporto, Portugal. If I'm ever in Portugal, I'll definitely be going there. Mmm, a fine vintage port, a cafe overlooking the harbour, and a good book.
From Lello.

Thanks to the photographers who posted these images elsewhere, I apologise for not crediting you, in return, you're free to steal any of mine... But I recommend readers, wanting to see more, googling to find them.


  1. Too bad such a place would be illegal in the US. No wheel chair ramps.

  2. Sometimes legislation is downright stupid. We converted an industrial building into office space, and because the upper floor was over a certain threshold size, we had to install an incredibly expensive wheelchair lift. Five years down the line, ten sevicing/safety inspections later, guess how many wheelchairs have used that lift?


  3. Oh, and, Bones, thank you for the comment. Just under a thousand visitors have clicked on that post, only one commenter. Take a bow!

  4. for stairs that luscious and erotic, i'd crawl my way over them - who needs ramps? i need only my desire.

  5. Is it heaven? Looks like it to me.

  6. In all my years of architecture school, I never came across these! I want to book the next flight to Portugal.

  7. absolutely love them :))


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